Anoush News Alert!

Anoush has been batting what appeared to be a yeast/fungal skin infection. This is a common issue every spring for some of our dogs and two other rescues also acquired it. The skin infection was treated identically in all three dogs: two of which responded normally to treatment. However, poor Anoush’s infection has resisted all forms of treatment. After seemingly healing the issue, within 12 hours after removing her cone, we’d find another eruption and Anoush, having gnawed her skin raw trying to find relief. Anoush came to us as a “fear case” out of the Merced County Shelter and had been in total emotional shutdown when she arrived. We had been making amazing progress with her, but this medical issue had taken its toll on her emotionally as well as physically and she has reverted in many aspects.

Anoush has an appointment early next week and we need your help paying for her diagnosis and treatment. Our veterinary clinic is Black Oak Animal Hospital in Georgetown CA. If you’d like to donate, call them directly at 530-333-1544 and tell them you’d like to put money towards the Silk Road Rescue account. Please also drop us a PM so can properly thank you, as Black Oak doesn’t keep track of who donates.

Thank you!

A Companion Dog that is not suitable for LGD Work.

Anoush (Armenian for Dear One or Sweet Tempered) is an approximately 2 1/2 year old Anatolian Shepherd female. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (ASD. In Turkish: Anadolu çoban köpeği) are an LGD breed which originated in the Anatolia region of central Turkey. Anoush is a very special girl that came from a shelter in California’s Central Valley. She was in total “emotional shutdown” to the point that she spent most of her time in the shelter with  her head buried in the corner. She was so fear-struck and so shy that she holed up in a corner of a dog crate and had to be carried outside to go potty. We do not believe that she was abused, but that either she was raised semi-feral (little human contact) or during one of the “fear periods” that pups go through something happened to shatter her confidence and make her pretty much afraid of life.

Anoush the Anatolian Shepherd Dog on one of her first "outings".

As all she wanted to do was hole up in a corner and not move, she spent her first few weeks in in a safe space in the corner of a bedroom learning to adapt to humans. She was more comfortable in a crate and was desperate to get back to it whenever she was taken out for walks or potty breaks. At first she had to be carried outside and would immediate try to run and hide in bushes, corners of closed doors or under outdoor furniture. This continued even after she began to walk on a leash on her own. However over time, she began to adapt. She was partnered up with two older Caucasian Ovcharkas including an approximately 8-10 y/.o female who she loves to play with and chew on. She is making good progress coming out of her shell, loves to go for walks and enjoys being petted as long as she is with another dog.

So what would be the best home for her? A relatively quiet one with a patient human, no young children, and at least one older dog appears to be the best at this time. She needs her space and needs a place without a lot of loud sudden movements until she builds her confidence further, but also needs to have another dog who she can play with and also gain confidence from.  She has shown some reactiveness toward cats but it seems to be more of a case of not knowing really what they are. She gets along very with other dogs, does like to steal food from them but takes correction from them and has no issues with humans around her food. She loves to go for walks (still pulls a bit while walking) and is learning some basic obedience commands and is crate trained. Like most LGD breed dogs, she is very aware of and alert to things going on in the area and will sound off. For this reason, as it is with many LGD breed dogs, a suburban home could be problematic unless she sleeps inside at night. Like all pups and yearlings, she still does chew some so boredom is an issue. As with all our dogs, good fencing is a must. If you are interested, please fill out our application here. If you have more questions, please contact us via our contact form.

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