Available Companion Dogs



The pound Sterling litter of pups has been livestock tested, and had some LGD training.While they are not the best working dogs (they like humans more), they are safe with larger stock. Of course, any dog under 18 m/o must be supervised around stock.

What do you get with a Silk Road rescue?

  • You get a dog that has been tested in various situations to the best of out ability. All rescues come with "Baggage" but we do our best to make sure that there are no surprises and that you and your new friend have the best chance possible to succeed.
  • You get a dog with a health guarantee. Since we do not know the genetic background of our dogs, we are unable to predict things like cancer and other issues but you get a dog that is up-to-date- on their shots and is free of current health issues.
  • Unlike many "backyard puppy producers", less-than-ethical breeders, and even some rescues, with us you get support for the life of the dog. We stand behind our dogs and want them to success so are available to answer any and all questions at almost any time of the day or night (within reason of course!! We do have jobs and need sleep! However, we have answered questions in the middle of the night.).
  • With pups you get a free copy of Dr. Sophia Yin's best seller "Perfect Puppy in 7 Days" which will help you get ready for and deal with life with a new pup!
  • You get the best chance possible for a happy life with your new friend and the knowlege that you've help save a life.

The Pound Sterling pups are now ready for their new homes! We have 4 that are ready to be good companions. They are now 7 months old, are being leash trained, have full shots and are going to be big, especially Tanner. Click here to see who is available.

Hala (Arabic/Turkish for Moon Halo, Moonlight, Moon rainbow) is an approximately 4-year-old female Central Asian Ovcharka (Russian for Shepherd. Regionally they are known as Alabai). The CAO are a very ancient Livestock Guardian Dog breed that originates from what most know as the old southern U.S.S.R., that area between the Ural Mtns, Caspian Sea, Afghanistan, and the Northwest border of China comprising of countries often referred to as “The Stan Countries” ie: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan (Afghanistan is sometimes included in this designation and a dog related to the CAO is found there). Learn more about her here.

Anoush the Anatolian Shepherd Dog taking refuge on the couch

Anoush (Armenian for Dear One or Sweet Tempered) is an approximately 2 and 1/2 old Anatolian Shepherd female. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (ASD. In Turkish: Anadolu çoban köpeği) are an LGD breed which originated in the Anatolia region of central Turkey. Anoush is a very special girl that came from a shelter in California’s Central Valley. Learn more about her here.