Financial Information

Silk Road Rare LGD Breed Rescue was founded in 2015 as a result of two dogs that bounced from the now inactive Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California,  as well as from the taking on of Duchess the starvation case from the Oakdale shelter in October of that year.

Our expenses and income for the last 3 years are as follows:
(Last updated November 3rd 2018)

 Pound Sterling Pups
All adults (2015-2018)
Amount of food in pounds
Food cost (including pup formula)
Dog biscuits (25lb boxes)
Dog biscuits cost
Total expenses
Adoption fees
Donations (including in kind)**$1,710.00
Total Income
Uncovered Expenses

*”Other” expenses include items like shavings for the LGD training kennel, transport fees, PayPal fees and the like.
**”Donations” include purchased AND donated dog and puppy food as well as puppy milk replacement powder. It does not include the multiple cases of puppy pads used for the puppy whelping box.
**”Medical Expenses” include $3592.30 for Rousas, the Central Asian Ovcharka who came in in July of 2016 with medical issues, then suffered from bloat, requiring emergency surgery. He passed shortly after due to complication from that event. There was a $3112.50 loan extended for his vet emergency vet bill but repayment has been postponed by mutual agreement. As of 08/19/2018 there are still two outstanding bills for Anoush and Stiver at Black Oak Animal Hospital.
-The dog biscuits above are large breed biscuits that are used both for breakfast and for training. They come in 25lb boxes
Power bills are not included. Those expenses would include running lamps and heaters for 24hours a day for the first month as will as the costs for well water to wash the puppy kennel daily.