Hala the Central Asian Ovcharka (shepherd)

A Companion Dog that is not suitable for LGD Work.

Hala (Arabic/Turkish for Moon Halo, Moonlight, Moon rainbow) is an approximately┬á4-year-old female Central Asian Ovcharka (Russian for Shepherd. Regionally they are known as Alabai). The CAO are a very ancient Livestock Guardian Dog breed that originates from what most know as the old southern U.S.S.R., that area between the Ural Mtns, Caspian Sea, Afghanistan, and the Northwest border of China comprising of countries often referred to as “The Stan Countries” ie: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan (Afghanistan is sometimes included in this designation and a dog related to the CAO is found there). They have been used for over 4,000 years to protect livestock from bears, wolves, and Jackels (the regional version of the American Coyote) and to protect camps(and later homes) from intruders. The Russian military began to breed them for military, police and prison work and they are still used for that in Russia. Hala is not of that breeding line as can be seen from her size, build and behavior.

Hala has not had the best life up to now. She first was brought to our attention about a year ago when she was in a shelter in the region but before we could set up a foster home for her, she was adopted out during a “sale” that some shelters will hold to move dogs. Sometime in June of this year, she was again found stray in Sacramento and when the owner was contacted by animal control, he refused to come get her. She was then adopted by a family who knew nothing of the breed and was not ready for a dog of her size that doesn’t like strange animals in her space. They had her for maybe a month before deciding to try and rehome her or return her to the shelter. One of her issues (besides not liking cats, which we think is due to not knowing what they are and not being trained to accept them) is that she is “reactive” to other dogs that come in her space. This is correctable and she has been making progress on this front. She will come with training tools to help her new family work with her. She is a very aware dog, and love people but is not an “in your face all the time” dog. She enjoys being outside and goes on walks of 2-3 miles with ease.

Hala the Central Asian Ovcharka

At this time Hala is being considered for adoption. The best home for her would be with someone experienced with giant breed dogs as well as with reactive dogs. She is fairly easy going on leash and doesn’t require a person with a great deal of physical strength. She gets along well with children though hasn’t been tested with infants or toddlers. An active household in a rural to semi-rural area would be the best for her.