Omar the monster Central Asian Ovcharka

Omar is still undergoing training and socialization and is NOT currently available for adoption.

Omar is an approximately 5-year-old Central Asian Ovcharka that stands over 32″ tall and weighs in at a whopping 185lbs (vet weight). He is the perfect example of this breed not being the dog for the average pet owner. His family purchased him sight unseen from an East Coast breeder and had no clue what they were getting into. He grew up believing that he needed to protect his family from everything and everybody, and thus became a liability. He came to us when the family was going through a divorce and he was heading for a boarding kennel until the money ran out, then if a home couldn’t be found (which was likely) he had a date with the needle. Some Ovcharka rescuers back east made arrangements for him to come to WhiteFire Great Pyrenees for evaluation while transportation arraignments and an eastern Foster Home could be set up. When Omar arrived, it was immediately obvious that he could not be safly transported anywhere and nor could he be safely fostered by anyone not set up for a dog of his size and protectiveness/reactivity. It took us 3 days just to be able to get inside his kennel and several weeks before he would accept every human on the property. We are currently using the Low Stress Handling┬« techniques of Dr. Sophia Yin to socialize him and get him to where he can be a good member of a household, while still not losing the nature of the breed.