Silk Road Rare LGD Rescue

“Silk Road” Rare LGD Breeds are rare Livestock Guardian Dogs that originate from regions along the Old Silk Road and its branches in Central Asia and west into the Northern Mediterranean. Livestock Guardian Dogs are dogs that were developed thousands of years ago in Central and/or Western Asia to protect sheep and goats from predators such as wolves, bears, and jackals (a relative of the North American Coyote). LGDs are still used today across the world from far eastern China/Mongolia, west to the shores of the Atlantic, in North America, and “Down Under” in Australia and New Zealand. They are used to protect everything from the traditional sheep and goats to cattle, poultry, grapes and fruit (from bear and deer), and in some countries, prisons and military bases.

Though some of the more well known LGD breeds, such as the Great Pyrenees, have also been adapted as household companions for over a century and thus somewhat easier to live with and own (though still not a breed for everyone), the more rare breeds/land-races such as Ovcharkas and their close kin, are relatively new to being “pets”, can be more “independent” and “assertive”, and thus can prove more of a challenge the first time Giant Breed or average pet owner. This is often the reason they end up in rescue. They are usually “good” dogs, just owned by the wrong person.

If you want to learn more about LGD breed dogs, check out, the web’s oldest LGD resource site. If you want to know more about the dogs we have available you can check out their profile’s below.

If you do not have good, strong well-maintained fencing at least 5ft high, do not bother filling out an application.

With the exception of the rare field dog, we do not adopt to homes with poor or no fencing. A living environment inspection will be required.