Current Puppy News

The Pound Sterling Puppies, our rescue litter, are now ready to start the adoption process and will need their final series of shots and spay/neutering. They are growing amazingly fast and are rambunctious and feisty.

Luckily they are not eating as much as they were 2 months ago. The litter as a whole had been eating over SEVENTEEN POUNDS of food a day (+70 cups over two meals) but now are down to only (lol) Eleven Pounds a day plus dog cookies. Each individual puppy currently eats as much as Omar, our 180-pound Central Asian Ovcharka or Enise, our 130-pound Armenian Gampr! That’s over 330 (down from 530!) pounds of food per month for all of them!!! (Don’t worry, once they’re fully grown, they’ll eat less!)

As of October 10th, they have eaten somewhere around 1900 lbs of food!

How can you help?

If you’d like to donate towards the veterinary bill for the puppies’ shots and spay/neutering, please call our veterinary clinic, Black Oak Animal Hospital in Georgetown CA,  at 530-333-1544 and tell them you’d like to put money towards the Silk Road Rescue account. Please also drop us a PM so can properly thank you, as Black Oak doesn’t keep track of who donates.

To donate food for the little ravenous beasties, please go to the “Buy Food” link here and contact us for a shipping address. Thank you!

Here are the 4 available Companion Pups (their story is below the pictures). Click on "show thumbnails" to see names and other info.

Here is the working crew. Bob has a home now guarding pet show goats near Yosemite but Tuppence is looking for work. See the Working Dog page here

Meet the "Pound Sterling"* surprise rescue litter.
born April 12-13th 2018

We are often contacted concerning LGD issues and a couple we were just starting to work with discovered much to their shock that their supposedly spayed female was not only pregnant but ready to whelp within days! They were not just new to LGDs, but to dogs really, and not only knew nothing about whelping and raising pups, but were not prepared to do so in any way, shape, or form. Luckily, due to having been down this road before, we were so after some quick whelping room prep the mother came into our program. We have space that can and was converted overnight to a whelping room and had most of the supplies needed on hand. Five days (and two vet checks) later on the night of April 12th, 9 healthy puppies were born, 6 boys and 3 girls. They are a mix of Great Pyrenees (25%), Akbash (37.5%), and Anatolian (37.5%) and the colors show their heritage.


The pups are being raised using early socialization techniques so as to prepare them for whatever their future will bring, whether it be a working or companion home. LGD testing has been completed and 4 of the pups show good working instincts while the other 5 get along well with stock but show less interested in working. We are now accepting applications for 5 of them, 1 "Family Farm" dog (Tatiana. Bob has a home now!) and 4 companion dogs (Florin, Stiver, Tanner, and Simon). A "Family Farm" LGD is one that is working on a small farm where the owners live and would interact with the family and guests regularly as opposed to being isolated in a pasture away from people.

They are available to homes with suitable fencing in Northern California (and the Reno/Sparks/Carson City area). LGD homes need to either be experienced or already have an older working dog for the pup to learn from. A complete application and home inspection will be required. The pups will have all required shots and will be spayed/neutered prior to being sent home (this will occur as late as possible but is not negotiable. Yes we are fully aware of the issues which is why we hold off as long as possible). Once your application has been approved (see the application page here for details), a non-refundable deposit is required to hold your new pup while they recover from spay/neuter surgery. The adoption fee is $350 for companion and $400 for Tuppence, and the pups come with all due shots, spay/ neuter, worming, temperament testing, early socialization, a copy of Dr. Yin's book "Perfect Puppy in 7 Days",  and a limited health guarantee. Working pups come with a working guarantee as well. All dogs in our program come with behavioral/training support for the life of the dog.

*Note: The name "Pound Sterling" refers to the litter box "theme". Each pup is named after pre-decimal English currency or a slang term for English currency.