To be considered for a dog here, you must live in Northern California or the Reno-Sparks-Carson CIty NV. area and must fill out an application as completely as possible.

Why adopt a dog from us?

  1. All dogs are tested for temperament and observed for behavior. We have 50 years experience with LDG breed dogs and almost that much with placing rescues in good homes. We know what to look for and what the signs of a dog that is not ready for a new home yet are.
  2. You dog as basic obedience training.
  3. Many have been socialized with children, and strangers in public.
  4. Your dog comes with a basic health guarantee and if a working dog, a working guarantee.We stand behind our dogs.
  5. Your dog comes with full support. You can call or email with any questions at any time. Again, we stand behind our dogs and want them to succeed.
All dogs offered are or will be spayed or neutered (no exceptions) and vaccinated. Our adoption fees are as follows:

Note: A non-refundable S/N deposit for pups will be required once you have been approved for adoption.
$400 for pups under 6-months of age.
$350 for pups 6-months but under 12-months of age. (fee reduced)
$325 for dogs over 12-months of age.
$400 for all dogs evaluated to be suitable as Family Farm Dogs.
Special arrangements may be made for senior dogs or those with special needs as well as for multiple adoptions (such as for working pairs).
For out of state transfers from shelters, etc, Adoptee pays all extraordinary transportation costs and costs related to that, such as special vet certificates and crates (if required)

We DO NOT make a “profit” off of these dogs. All monies collected go toward the dog’s care and feeding. Some dogs may incur little to no expense while others may incur bills of upwards of $3000 or more. Currently the litter of pups have cost us almost $2060.00 over and above donations. This is why we charge what we do. We are currently NOT a 501c3 but do have an application pending.

Please keep in mind that our goal is to help the dogs we have in our program find the best home possible, not to help you find a dog. Yes, you may have a great home but it may not be the one we are looking for at this time. If we do not have a particular dog you are looking for, go ahead and fill out the application anyway and we will let you know if we come across one that would fit your situation and lifestyle.


The Process

Once we have received your application, a phone interview will be conducted to go over the application. If your application is approved then the next step will be to arrange a meet and greet with the dog you are interested. This will likely take place in the El Dorado County area east of Sacramento, where most of our dogs are fostered. If you are not willing to make the drive, do not apply. If that goes well, a home inspection will be conducted to ensure that everything is as stated in the application and that there are no overlooked issues. Once any issues are rectified you can come pick up your new dog. In the case of the pups, if all goes well, a non-refundable S/N depost is required, the pup with be spayed or neutered at our vet and once they are healthy enough to go  home, you may pick them up.

We will be available at ANY TIME in the future to assist you with the transition and ANY problems, concerns or questions that may arise for as long as the dog is with you. All dogs come with a contract and the right of first return. If you can’t keep the dog for any reason at ANY point in the future, the dog must come back to us.

If you do not have adequate fencing as described below, please do not bother applying unless you are in the planning and/or construction phase.

With the exception of the rare open-range working field dog, all LGD breed dogs required good, well-maintained fencing. Invisible fence is not considered adequate fencing.

Fencing Requirements

Fencing: For residential, 6ft solid board fencing is recommended. For rural homes, options may include normal woven-wire field fencing, 4-5 feet tall with hotwire top, adequate to restrain a flock of sheep or goats (this is a minimum and may not work for some dogs); welded wire fencing, or “no climb”, 5-6 feet tall, used to restrain ratites, cattle or horses. For the purpose of this section, it does not include barbed-wire used exclusively as fencing, “invisible” electronic fencing nor woven netting, with or without electric wires, nor horizontal-board fencing when the space between the boards is inadequate to prevent the entrance or exit of a dog (“dog-tight” is the goal). Fencing is a requirement! If you do not have adequate fencing, do not apply unless you are in the planning and/or construction phase. 4ft “field fencing” alone is rarely sufficient for an LGD breed dog in smaller farms. Also, we often recommend hotwire along the bottom of the fencing to discourage digging.

Requirements for the adoptive home that wants a Livestock Guardian Dog.
As a minimum, all of the following should apply:
  • All areas where the dog has access must be fenced with the fences in good repair; all gates must be dog-tight. If the dog may have access to a driveway, there must be a dog-tight gate that is kept closed between it and the road.
  • Strangers should not be able to access the dog’s area. Workers must be aware of the ability of the dog to slip through gates while equipment and vehicles are being moved.
  • The dog must have access to adequate shade and shelter, as well as water at all times and should have a secure area to stay apart from the flock during orientation, training and if ill.
  • If your predator load is more than the occasional stray dog or coyote, more than one LGD may be required.
  • If you are interested in a working pup, you must either already have an older working mentor dog or be an experienced LGD owner.
This form is quite lengthy so it might be best to use a full-sized keyboard to fill it out!

There is also an ulterior motive for this so please be patient and thorough.

A property/fence inspection is REQUIRED and will be done before an adoption is completed. If you are not comfortable with this requirement, please do not submit an application.

Thank you for taking the time to allow us to get to know you a little better. Your cooperation in filling out this questionnaire helps us to place the right dog for your family. An improper placement, or one in which all the details aren’t known, can end tragically, usually for the dog. Print out these pages for your own records, then press the “Submit” button below. Each application is given careful consideration. When we have a dog which we feel needs the kind of home you have offered, you will be contacted and asked to come to the foster home to get acquainted.