Silk Road Rare LGD Breed Rescue (SRRLGDBR) is a California based rare giant breed rescue organization focused on Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds (LGDs). The idea for it was born out of the closure of the only LGD rescue group in the western U.S. actively working with rare LGD breeds, the now inactive Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northen California (GPRNC). Prior to 2015, the board members of GPRNC were some of the only dog rescue people in the state that knew anything about the more rare LGD breeds so had begun to be called by shelters that had these dogs come into their facilities. Shelter workers would look up a dog like a “Caucasian Mountain Dog” on YouTube and be shocked by some of the videos showing extremely aggressive dogs. In more than one case, this led to a mildly protective or reactive rare breed dog being put down. In other cases, as the dog appeared to be placable but knowing they needed the right homes, the shelters would reach out to GPRNC for help. When GPRNC became inactive, that was no longer an option.

With the growth in the Slavic immigrant population in Californa, as well as the rise in the interest in Livestock Guardian Dogs, has come an influx of rare breed dogs that originated along the old Silk Road and the need for a rescue dedicated to them, as well as actual working Livestock Guardian Dogs. As the rare LGD Breeds can be considered more “primitive” and less social than “traditional” western dogs and thus not as easy to work with, they have begun to show up more and more in local shelters, rescue groups and online “free” pages. People are buying these dogs without having a clue about them, their traits and peculiarities and this can lead to problems, some serious.

The founders of SRRLGDBR began taking in dogs in 2015 but are just beginning the process of establishing a 501C3 California Non-Profit Rescue organization. The goal of SRRLGDBR is to educate the public about these dogs, to keep these dogs out of the homes of people that are not ready for them, to try and keep the breeds out of shelters and other potentially dangerous situations, and to rehabilitate and find homes whenever possible for those that need it.

Silk Road Rescue uses and recommends the techniques of Dr. Sophia Yin DVM. We receive no compensation for this endorsement.

Doctor Sophia Yin and Low Stress  Handling

Silk Road Rare LDG Breed Rescue is NOT currently a non-profit. However, ALL gifts/donations go to help the dogs. Currently there is a need for dog food, dog biscuits and help with vet costs

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